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Wynn's River Walk Park: It's Not a Boardwalk

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Wynn Philadelphia, if it were to get the go-ahead, would be a classy, family-friendly establishment, (Steve Wynn wrote a letter about it! You can't lie in a letter!) The centerpiece of Wynn Philly's family friendly pitch has always been the park accompanying the casino, River Walk Park. Today, new renderings of the park were released. As we can see from the renderings, River Walk Park could never resemble something so plebeian as a boardwalk.

As Wynn himself says, "This is all landscape and trees. It takes on a completely different look. When you bring the lush landscaping that close, you don't get a boardwalk look."The riverwalk will include an ice cream stand, a cafe, and bike rentals. And, as you can see from the latest rendering, it'll look nothing like a boardwalk. Those boards are classy boards. It's different: in the rendering, there are banners advertising a "FineArtFair", for crissake.

Wynn will be presenting his vision for a waterfront board based park, (and a gargantuan casino) to the board of the Central Design Advocacy Group tonight at 6pm.
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