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Deputy Mayor Points Out Casinos Aren't Great for Their Neighbors

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Alan Greenberger, Philadelphia Deputy Mayor for Economic Development and Director of Commerce, told Plan Philly "Casinos are economic drivers in the sense that they provide a lot of jobs and tax revenue to the governmental entities that sponsor them," but noted that "I haven't seen them generate local economic development. Yet. But one of the ones in this room could. Some might, some might not."

Greenberger did not, however, indicate that he was totally opposed to the casinos. He emphasized that casinos with thoughtful add-ons, and attractions other than gambling could contibute to economic development within neighborhoods. Greenberger also noted that he and his staff would be working with all six casino developers to move them toward being assets to neighborhoods, and not sources of blight.

Other attendees of the casino meetings were less optimistic: Dan Hadjo, of Casino Free Philly, explained his problem with casinos succinctly. "This is a public health issue. Gambling addiction is the way casinos profit."
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