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Bart Blastein's Gargantuan New Digs

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Bart Blastein, "French" "resort" developer, has recently acquired a new property on Rittenhouse Square, but it's not going to be a casino, and there will be no disneyfied "French" influences to speak of. In fact, the only change coming to the McIlhenny mansion will be Mr. Blastein living there.

The McIlhenny mansion, at 1914-16 Rittenhouse square has sat vacant for 30 years. In its heyday, the mansion was the society home of Henry McIlhenny, a gas-meter heir who moved into the property at 1914 Rittenhouse in 1950, before joining six properties to create the massive complex, which includes a ballroom and interior courtyard. The property spans 8,600 sq ft.

McIlhenny died in 1986. Though the property was purchased in 1998, concerns about alterations of the interior of the mansion meant that the house sat empty. Though the house has been listed for as much as $11.7M, Blastein bought the property for $4.2M
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