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CDAG to Wynn: Build A Casino That Belongs in Philly

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On Friday, representatives from the Wynn Philadelphia project presented their proposal to the Central Design Advocacy Group. The Central Design Advocacy Group is composed of representatives from riverfront neighborhoods' civic associations, and works to bring the the city's Master Plan for the Central Delaware Waterfront to fruition. Though they're not specifically opposed to casinos, they were unimpressed by the design of the Wynn Philadelphia, and noted that it looked very similar to another Wynn project proposed to go up near Boston.

Though the CDAG found the design of the casino to be lackluster at best, (one board member described it as " half like something from the '60s, with some quasi-colonial touches thrown in,") they were enthused at the prospect of 22 acres of green space and public waterfront that would come with the project. However, they also had some questions for Wynn reps.

1.) Would it be safe to walk dogs at 5 am?
2.) Would there be a cappuccino machine?
3.) Would there be a fishing pier? (Probably not, as Wynn has already explained, the River Walk is not a boardwalk.)
4.) Could the parking garage take up less space?

Though the CDAG did present some amusingly specific concerns, they also pushed Wynn reps to ensure pedestrian access to the waterfront area, and made their concerns with the design of the casino heard (in between asking for capucinno machines and fishing piers.) They will testify to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board on their findings about the Wynn project this week.
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