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Wynn Casino Approved by Fishtown Neighbors Association

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Last night, the Fishtown Neighbors Association approved the conceptual proposal presented to them by representatives of Wynn Philadelphia. Fishtowners did voice significant concerns about the casino's design: one neighbor helpfully noted that the design "looks like a Hilton in Topeka." However, in the end, the FNA approved the plan, with 173 yes votes to 55 no votes.

After harsh reviews from the Central Delaware Advocacy Group, approval from the FNA comes as a boon to the Wynn Philadelphia team.Though the meeting of the FNA did not grant Wynn Philadelphia any kind of official permission, the informal go-ahead will be included in testimony to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board hearing later this week. There are still five other developers vying for the casino license, Wynn Philadelphia has certainly taken up the spotlight this past week.
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