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Changes Coming to the Lower Schuylkill Riverfront

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The City of Philadelphia reveaedl its plan to improve and bring new life to the Lower Schuylkill yesterday. The Master Plan will focus on making the area more accessible and friendly to Philadelphians by car, bike, and foot. The plan calls for "revealing the hidden riverfront," as well as more concrete plans like adding roads and bike paths.

The plan divides the Lower Schuylkill into three different districts:
· An "innovation district," which would seek to use UPenn's resources to enhance collaboration between academics and industry, as well as encouraging new businesses in the area. It would also include a riverside trail that would connect to University City
· A "logistics hub" which would encompass the area close to the airport, and include warehouses and industrial uses.
· An "energy corridor" which would provide a home for Philly based energy companies, including new energy firms.

The plan also calls for the addition of new roads running alongside the river and connecting the riverfront to the rest of the city. Stay tuned for updates on the future of the Schuylkill.
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