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Navy Yard Training Hub to Demonstrate Green Building Tech

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In further green Philadelphia news, there's a new energy-efficiency training center under construction at the Navy Yard. The project, sponsored by Penn State University, is designed to teach sustainable building techniques. It involves a number of local stakeholders, including the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation.

The training center has modular elements due for delivery this month, and will be finished by the end of June. Highlights of the project include an electric vehicle charging station (are there many electric vehicles in Philly?) and an outdoor lighting system which will also "broadcast information about the project to passerby", which sounds both annoying and energy efficient.

Though energy efficient signage is exciting, arguably the most exciting part of the project is the fact that it is hooked up to the Navy Yard's microgrid: this means that strategies for energy efficiency developed at the center can be tested out on the Navy Yard.
· GridSTAR Net Zero Energy Demonstration Project underway at The Navy Yard [Penn State News]