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Residential Megadevelopment Coming to Point Breeze

South Philly HOMES Inc. has approved plans for a 43 unit apartment building at 2408 Ellsworth street in Point Breeze. The development will take shape inside an old warehouse (formerly Pinto Bros Recycling Co,) and will include a roof deck, as well as surface and garage parking.

Developers Magdim Inc. have just received the zoning variance they needed, and are waiting on a building permit. Once they receive the building permit, they will begin construction within 30 days, and the project will take about a year to complete. The developer bought the massive lot at Sheriff Sale for $300K.

According to Naked Philly, the project was on the zoning docket last March, so it's been in the works for at least a year now. The proposal from last March also featured bilevel apartments, as well as a lobby and gym incorporated into the first floor.
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