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What is this Gorgeous Girard Avenue Townhome Hiding?

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This house is full of gorgeous period details: stained glass, intricately carved built ins, a marble sink, fireplaces, and all the other charming little touches that accompany a townhome built in 1894. The downside? The listing skirts the issue.

The period details in this home are worthy of focused pictures, which is how this listing can justify its caginess, but consider this: brokerbabble mentions two kitchens. Can you spot a stove anywhere in the photo set? There are two bathrooms: do you see a tub? A shower?

A close-up of a stained glass panel reveals what the barely-cracked door is trying to hide:

Take a look at the unfinished paint job behind the door. Though it's one small blemish in the listing photos, the listing photos don't cover a lot of ground. And if you compare the broker babble to the images, the full picture materializes: some unique details, and tons of gaps.
House Vitals:
Size: 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1,662 sq ft
Amenities include: stained glass, a marble sink, working fireplace, and probably, quite a few gaps
Asking Price: $250,000
· 804 E Girard Ave [Trulia]