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I-95 to Become Less of a Battlefield Someday

According to PennDOT, I-95 will get better someday. Though some might suggest that the construction involved in making I-95 better causes many of the issues that have made the highway a daily disaster for many commuters, PennDOT designers insist that construction is truly a sign of better things to come.

Unfortunately, those better things aren't coming for a while. According to a Daily News article at, there are two projects in progress: one involves widening 1.4 miles of highway between Levick Street and Bleigh Avenue, building a new on-ramp, and replacing 7 unsafe bridges. The other project involves:

...rebuilding the Girard Avenue interchange, reconstructing and widening 3 miles of I-95 from Race Street to just south of Allegheny Avenue, and replacing I-95 bridges over Shackamaxon Street, Marlborough Street and Columbia Avenue.
It's good news that these essential projects are funded and underway.
The bad news? One of the projects is set to end in a year, and the other is set to end in 2016. As daily I-95 commuters already know, patience is a virtue.
· Will I-95 always be a rush-hour highway to hell? [Daily News]