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Goldtex's Classy PR Strategy Continues Apace: Now With Clams!

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Tonight, the Goldtex Building is having a VIP Preview Party and the publicity is entirely in line with the classy tone they struck in their Craigslist ads. At first glance, the flier is overt, but about what you'd expect from the Bros Post: bikini clad women pose on glossy countertops. But hone in a little closer on the countertop, and you'll find the real treasure, as it were.

Why yes, those are clams. You see, the subject line of the email invite read, "Come Polish Our Pearl" (if you're wondering what that means, here's the Urban Dictonary definition.) This is all in line with the strategy already, ahem, laid out by the Bros Post. But why the clams? There is a less-than-subtle way to interpret clams, and it's certainly not above Brotex to work that in to their campaign, but get your marine bio straight! Pearls come from oysters. Does the Goldtex PR team think that pearls come from clams?

The above ad, showcasing pearls and clams in the foreground, and a suave typeface straight out of MS Paint, would indicate that, yes, they do. Or they're just too pleased with this little stunt to bother.
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315 North 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA