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Will City Hall Be Marred by Garish Billboards?

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City Council President Darrell Clarke's bill to sell advertising on city owned property passed by a margin of 15-0. Though the bill has been opposed on grounds that it would cheapen the charming ambiance of the city by marring historic buildings like City Hall with garish billboards, "city-owned property" includes items other than buildings.

In fact, Councilman Clarke says the first pieces of city-owned property to get ads won't be buildings at all: the city will be soliciting requests for proposals to put ads on city-owned vehicles, like trash trucks.

The bill could raise an estimated eight million dollars for the city by advertising on bus shelters, vehicles, and yes, buildings. But remember, not all city-owned-buildings look like City Hall. It's hard to imagine a Nike swoop really tarnishing the glorious facade of, say, the Municipal Services Building.
· City Council approves bill for advertising on city property []

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