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Philly Fauna: a Wild Turkey & Trashcan Throwing Rats

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You may have heard of the West Philly turkey, who maintains a twitter account and even has his own song. The turkey, who left Bartram's Garden on account of a fight with his brother, changed his name from Fred to Barkevious upon arrival in West Philly.

Though Barkevious has been described as the "godzilla of birds," he isn't the only non-human Philadelphian of shocking size. Today, the Philly Mag blog published a piece about the upswing in rat complaints (the city apparently maintains a hotline exclusively dedicated to dealing with rats.) Though it's not really shocking that there are rats in Philly, one rat encounter profiled in the piece is very alarming:
[A] colleague witnessed a rat shaking a Rittenhouse trash can so violently that 'I thought he was going to throw the thing at me,' she remembers.
A rat shaking a trash can? A rat capable of throwing a trash can? Are there Rodents Of Unusual Size roaming the streets of Philadelphia? Did the author's colleague see a bear in Rittenhouse Square? Please do hit up the tipline ( in the event of any larger-than-average rat sightings.
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