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Pressing Issues Left Unpressed: Why is the Land Bank Stalled?

Though the creation of a land bank (an organization that consolidates city-owned land and is empowered to sell quickly and efficiently) might alleviate many problems afflicting the city at once, the path to its creation has been slow. Councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez, the main sponsor of a bill that would create the bank, feels that Mayor Nutter needs to step up.

Proponents of the creation of a land bank note that many of the city's problems (like the underfunded school system and the epidemic of property tax delinquency) might be effectively combated by the creation of a land bank.

However, City Council president Darrell Clarke notes that the Council already has its hands full trying to put out those very fires:
The problem is that we're in the middle of trying to figure out AVI. We're being asked to consider a series of measures to get money for the school. Clearly that has to take priority...
There is no City Council hearing scheduled for the discussion of the land bank proposal; the hearing will likely take place in the fall.
· As Philly land bank momentum slows, proponents want administration to take lead [Plan Philly]