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Cluttered Chestnut Hill Pocket Estate Asks $1.9M

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The gentry of Chestnut Hill past didn't live in this place, but their esteemed guests did: broker babble describes this as a "mini estate," but it's really a collection of 3 out buildings that once belonged to a full-size estate. All three structures sit on less than an acre, which is presumably what takes this estate into mini territory.

Though two of the buildings are completely empty, the main building is packed to the gills full of...stuff. The decor scheme seems to have been arranged by a google image search for "olden fancy." The unchecked obesssion with ceramic wares showcased on all of the built-ins throughout the first floor is particularly striking.

In the empty guest house, you can see just how many built-in shelves there are, and the urge to fill them makes more sense, or at least, makes sense in the context of having a guest house. But that's not all! The glassed-in greenhouse rounds out the out-building offerings. Broker babble notes that the greenhouse, which is equipped with a wood-burning stove, is great for "warming up between sledding runs." Of course. The adjacent reflection pool isn't half bad either.

House Vitals:
Size: 3 buildings, 4 bedrooms, 5 baths, 2,538 sq ft.
Outdoor space: A reflecting pool, several lush gardens, .63 acres
Amenities include: 11 brick and flagstone arches, enough built-in shelves to turn you into a hoarder, and custom woodwork.
Asking Price: $1,895,000
· 8847 Norwood Ave [Trulia]