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Big Green Block Adds Waterpark Fun, Continues to Grow

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The Big Green Block, a new parcel of community space in Kensington, right off of the Market Frankford El, includes (or will soon include) a school, a rec center, a dog park, and a greenway. Yesterday, it added another cool feature designed for community use: a sprayground.

A sprayground is precisely what it sounds like: tiny fountains that shoot water from the ground. Though its primarily designed to appeal to the under-ten set, the sprayground, located right next to the Shissler Recreation Center, is just one of many features that the Big Green Block offers.

The dog park currently under constuction is set to open in June. After that, work on a new basketball court will begin. Though providing the community with amenities is a large part of the Big Green Block, sustainability is also key. Innovative stormwater management helps to keep the Big Green Block green by diverting runoff from Blair Street and collecting it in trenches.

The block is even having an impact on development: Sandy Salzman, director of the New Kensington Community Development Corporation, attributes new construction facing Blair street to the success of the Big Green Block
· Shissler Rec Center opens new sprayground [Plan Philly]