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'European' Style Manse Asks $9.9M, Not For Faint Of Heart

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What is it about this listing that feels like a horror movie? The weird lighting? The crumbling fountain in the backyard? Could it possibly be the giant cage dangling from the ceiling? This collosal estate in Chestnut Hill was built in 1929, and since then, it seems to have housed at least a few ghosts.

The property is literally surrounded on all sides by acres and acres of empty land, which is either bucolic or terrifying. The pictures of the land, especially the one of the "No Outlet" sign, seem to communicate the latter.

And the inside, while perhaps in need of a little "TLC" as brokerbabble would have it, is gorgeous. At least, the specs sound gorgeous. The pictures, however, are a little more laconic. They show a double door into a living room, the detailed work on the exposed beams, and a giant cage dangling from aforementioned beams. It's probably an elevator, right? Right? the fireplace complete with candles all set for a séance does not bode well.

And in case you weren't sure about brokerbabble's claim that the house is "reminiscent of the expansive manses of European society," here's your proof: the partial, unfinished basement looks just like a European dungeon of yore. Very European.
House Vitals:
Size: 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 9,000 sq ft, four parcels of land totaling 43 acres.
Amenities include: Detached garage, unfinished dungeon (okay, basement), elevator or cage, a crumbling backyard fountain, more land than you could possibly know what to do with, and an intricately carved ceiling.
Asking price: $9,900,000
· 9303 Ridge Pike [Trulia]
· 1929 estate near Fairmount Park on sale for $10M [Philadelphia Business Journal]