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Fab to Drab in 650 Square Feet: Row Asks $210K

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The electric green door of this 1920 Fishtown row foreshadows pops of color to come. Though the living room wears an eye-catching shade of pale yellow on the walls and boasts exposed brick, it's no match for the bombastic kitchen: neon green paint and printed cabinetry combine for a love-it-or-hate-it look. Oh, and there's a chalkboard backsplash too.

The paint color on the back patio fence follows logically from the kitchen's design scheme: it's a bright, bright yellow. However, the upstairs space is surprisingly drab: gray, gray, gray, with straight lines and boring carpet to match. The towel closet looks like the boring page in an IKEA catalog. The bathroom is nice but spartan with a simple black frame around the rectangular mirror.

The listing photos also show a partially finished basement, which is nice. Keep in mind that the house has only 650 square feet: either the space is efficiently laid out, or the listing photographer is a genius.

House Vitals:
Space: 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, 650 sq ft.
Outdoor space: One lemon yellow patio.
Amenities include: A chalkboard in the kitchen, printed cabinetry, the world's saddest gray carpet in the upstairs bedroom, and a partially finished basement.
Asking price: $209,900
· 1363 Crease Street [Trulia]