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Ninth National Bank Demolition Plans Halted?

[Photos of bank building at Front and Norris streets by Laura Kicey]

The Ninth National Bank, scheduled for demolition in order to make way for a new affordable housing development, may have just received a stay of execution. The Women's Community Revitalization Project returned their tax credits to the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, which means that the affordable housing project isn't going up there. There's no way of knowing exactly what will happen to the Ninth National Bank building: it's still a rickety old structure, and it's still at risk for demolition, or worse, fire. Hidden City reports that the ownership of the building is currently unclear: it might still belong to the WCRP, or the ownership of the building might return to the Norris Square Civic Association. Either way, the building might get a second chance at rehabilitation and reuse.

One small gripe: street level panels on the exterior of the building were covered in amazing, detailed wheatpastes, all of which were painted over prior to the demolition of the building. Though it's great that the building will live another day, it's sad that some of the art on the exterior of the building was covered up in the shuffle.

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