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Horror Movie Set to Renovated to be Less Terrifying on the Inside

The Sedgley apartment building, which has stood at 45th and Pine for more than 100 years has been gutted and will be updated with all the (somewhat generic,) trappings of contemporary apartments. The building's new owner is a Limited Liability Corporation named after the building's address. The castle-like structure has sat vacant for a few years, and former tenants note that the building was in a constant state of disrepair even when it was occupied.

A posting on a film locations website by the Greater Philadelphia Film office shows that at one point, the place was being marketed as a movie location. Though the listing never says so explicitly, the photo quality is either meant to evoke ghosts, or just indicative of an unskilled photographer. Either way, here's a look at the past of the Sedgley Apartments. Future plans involve stainless steel, granite, and "luxury."

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