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Woodland Oasis Within City Limits: Mt. Airy Modern Asks $750K

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This mid-century modern house blends into the carefully coiffed landscaping perfectly: even the colors are drawn from the colors displayed by the plants around. The house is full of windows, leaving nature to dictate aesthetic. Of course, nature didn't arrange those shrubs into perfectly imperfect clusters all by itself, and if you buy this house, you'll spend a whole lot of time (or money) trying to keep these gardens as perfect as they are now. But don't worry! There's a whole glassed-in back room just for gardening. Though the pictures aren't really definitive, broker babble assures that there's not only a back deck: a patio and a balcony round out your options for overlooking the "seriously breathtaking" (one wonders what casually breathtaking grounds would look like,) grounds.

One note: broker babble coyly skirts the issue, but it appears that all three non-master bedrooms are essentially in the basement. A lovely, airy, light filled "garden level" basement, sure, but it's still a basement.
House Vitals:
Space: 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1,994 sq ft.
Outdoor space: A half-acre of impeccably landscaped grounds, back deck, patio, balcony, detached one-car garage, and a storage shed.
Amenities include: Sunroom just for gardening, a master bedroom with master bath, artfully placed shrubbery on every inch of outdoor space, interior stone wall, working fireplace.
Asking price: $750,000
· 1021 Kitchens Lane [Trulia]