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Do Grad Students Swim? Visions of Grove at Cira South

[Renderings courtesy of Erdy McHenry Architects, via the Philadelphia Real Estate Blog]

The latest renderings of the planned Grove at Cira South tower show a luxury vision of student life: a rooftop pool, (will grad students emerge from their officecaves to use a pool? In the sunlight?), a concierge level with coffee service, and a 24 hour fitness center. The architects say that they've planned the building to be a social, inviting space. Hidden City called the renderings "elegant" and "complex", and the renderings, complete with semi-opaque rendering people, do give a sleek, glassy glimpse of things to come.

The oft-criticized 11 story parking garage next door will also get updated, perhaps to stem some of the controversy. The plans call for a public green roof, in order to create some open, public green space in the area.

The tower will also incorporate ground-level retail, which will help it become a vibrant part of the neighborhood. The retail space is also designed to give the tower a social feel, like many other features that have been incorporated into the tower. There are public lounges, concierge areas, a media lab, and a library. Though most of the apartments will be one bedrooms, the tower might well become a social space for students. Even so, it will have a dramatic impact on the skyline, so expect at least a little controversy.
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