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Angles, Angles Everywhere: Huge NoLibs Townhome Asks $780K

Do you really hate right angles? Do you live for unexpected combinations of shapes? If so, this Northern Liberties townhome will dazzle you with its veritable cornucopia of different angles that bust up rigid 90 degree paradigm. This house is huge, has every modern amenity you could ever want, and is tall enough that you can glower down at the (literally) square rowhomes below.

Though liking the exterior shape is a matter of subjective individual taste, interiors without right angles pose a problem no matter how far beyond 90 degrees your aesthetic extends: how do you furnish a place like this. Beds are still pretty much rectangular or square, as are most ovens, microwaves, dressers, and other necessities. 3,000 sq ft means that you can get away with inefficient use of living space, but there are a lot of useless nooks and crannies.

To be fair, the kitchen in this place has everything a person could want: two ovens, tons of counter space, and very new appliances. The roof deck is also gorgeous, and because this building is clearly one of the tallest around, there's a great panoramic view. The roof also incorporates solar panels, which is a nice touch.

House Vitals:
Space: 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 3,045 sq ft
Amenities: Huge roofdeck, kitchen furnished with everything you could imagine needing, 2 car garage, a respite from all the right angles of the world.
Asking Price: $779,900

· 834 N. Lawrence Street [Trulia]