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SugarHouse to Double in Size, Accommodate NJ Gamblers?

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Today, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board heard testimony on the SugarHouse's new proposed second phase, originally sold to the city as a luxurious casino-resort-ballroom-venue megacomplex. The new plan calls for a 100% embiggening of the current big box. According to the Inquirer, Philly politicians sung the praises of our waterfront slot depot because they fund the Mummers, and the New Year's Eve Fireworks.

Perhaps not-so-coincidentally, this year was the first that the Pennsylvania casinos were able to beat out Atlantic City in the competition for gross gaming revenue. But competition for Pennsylvania casinos, (including the lucky winner of the second casino license,) will be steep: New York, DC, and Maryland are investigating the possibility of building their own new casinos. And though Pennsylvania is currently the state with the second-largest gross gaming income (behind Nevada,) competition from surrounding states will surely have an impact on the success of Philly's new casinos.
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