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Secluded Aquatic Lair in Society Hill Asks $1.25M,

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Indoor pools are reserved for the suburbs, right? Apparently not. This Society Hill townhome tucked behind an exterior courtyard includes its very own lap pool, complete with glass dome and vine-covered pillars.

This house was built in 1968, and it definitely shows: while the design scheme is unintrusive, it's certainly dated and could use some "new life" as brokerbabble would have it. Given that the family who commissioned the house has lived in it up until now, though, it makes sense that the decor isn't a little more contemporary. Even so, the stained glass, hardwood, and exposed brick are nothing to complain about.

Even though the vaulted first floor windows are huge, the photos do look a little dark, possibly because of the courtyard wall: the whole place does have a bit of a secluded, lair-like feel, which is only encouraged by the brokerbabble's mention of an unfinished basement with high ceilings and an indoor swing.
House Vitals:
Size: 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, 3,075 sq ft
Amenities: An indoor lap pool, indoor stained glass, an "indoor swing" in the basement (not pictured,) and a balcony.
Asking Price: $1,250,000
· 116-118 Delancey Street []