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Check Out Racked's Comprehensive Wedding Venue Map

Racked has compiled the essential list of non-boring wedding venues in the Philly area. Even if you're not planning a wedding, it's worth a look: lots of the venues boast gorgeous architecture and stunning views. Below the jump are five fascinating picks:

The College of Physicians: Perhaps best known for the gruesome-yet-fascinating Mutter Museum, the College of Physicians is housed in century old New Beux-Arts building, and includes a marble rotunda.

The Water Works: Right on the Schuylkill River, the Water Works was designed in 1793 as a means of delivering clean water to the city after a Yellow Fever epidemic. The neo-classical architecture made the Water Works a popular tourist destination, and was later converted into an aquarium and public pool, both of which were closed in 1972. The Water Works is also one of nine sites involved in the Hidden City Festival.

The Stotesbury Mansion: Complete with a mirror maze intended to confuse police attempting to shut down parties during Prohibition, this storied mansion was built in 1897 by the same architects that designed the College of Physicians. This building includes Dolly Madison's actual fireplace, purchased straight from the White House.

Philadelphia's Magic Gardens: Easily the zaniest building on colorful South Street, the Magic Gardens is a must-see for anyone who lives in Philly, or who's just passing through. Artist Isiah Zagar began converting the then-vacant lot into a mirrored wonderland courtyard in 1992. Since then, he has been continuously working on the gardens.

The Mask and Wig Club: The somewhat creepy clubhouse was once used as the dissection facilities for Jefferson Medical College. Nonetheless, it is an undeniably beautiful and historic venue, listed on the National Register of Historic Places