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Gladwyne 'Mini-Village' Includes Aviary, Asks $24.5M

This isn't technically within Philly city limits, but it's too big not to write up: here's what a $24.5 million dollar listing looks like. Broker-babble describes it as a "mini-village," and while most villages don't include aviaries, you can see how the size is roughly equivalent.

This place was bought with the Campbell's soup fortune, but the kitchen doesn't appear to be the kind of place where canned soup gets eaten. The grounds span fifty acres, include two pools, a tennis court, a barn, and an aviary. Though a herd of majestic white horses is included in the listing photos, they're presumably not included in the package.

What is included in the package, though, is a "French-Norman" manor ostentatious enough to impress anyone. The hand carved wood paneling is a perfect complement to the marble fireplaces and floors, the gigantic bay windows, and the "formal gardens".

There is one "contemporary" room painted a questionable avocado shade, with a purple patterned carpet, and bright furniture to match. The dining room (well, one of the dining rooms, anyway) is also decked out in overdesigned pops of color, and seems incongruent with the rest of the stately/stodgy decor.

Broker babble says that the "grand formal rooms" make the place welcoming, which is a stretch, but if you're gonna buy the place, you must feel that sleeping in a "grand formal room" makes sense. The whole place has the feel of a new aristocracy themed Disney park, but maybe that's what life is really like when you can spend nearly $25M on a house. Okay, a miniature village.

Size: 50 acres, a barn, pool house, tennis court, two pools, a pond, a guest house, 2 staff buildings, a gated entryway, 10 car garage and aviary. 8 beds, 7 full baths, 3 half baths.
Amenities Include: The aforementioned aviary, a grand entrance courtyard complete with fountain, hand-carved wood paneling, and everything else you might imagine.
Asking Price: $24,500,000

· Unlisted Gladwyne Address [Prufoxroach]