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New Bike Path Paves Way for Bike Path Riddled Future

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Today, the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation unveiled its most recently-completed project: a bike path! If you're wondering what's so darn special about a little extra pavement, the DRWC has put together a comprehensive, photo based answer on their website. But if you're just interested in the nuts and bolts, the specs are below the jump.

The most notable feature of this particular bike path is that it is the first of its kind in the city: there are two lanes just for cyclists, plus a pedestrian walkway to boot. That is to say, no bike-pedestrian collisions. Even better, all of this is separated from cars by plantings and a curb.

Other features include:
· Rain gardens to help filter runoff and relieve the burden put on the sewer system
· "Beautiful and distinctive" street furniture (so basically, some benches)
· Solar powered trail lighting
· Connected to Spring Garden street, to make way for the enticing Spring Garden Greenway project

The path opened today is only the first segment of a multi-phase process. The next segment will open sometime in the fall, and will connect with the Sugar House casino and Penn Treaty Park.