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Turn This Shabby Law Office Into the Rittenhouse Mansion of Your Dreams for $2.5M

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Between the price, the location, and the size of this venerable red brick townhome, there has to be a catch, and there is: this place was most recently used as a law office. "Most recently" was apparently some time ago, because the last time this place was used, central air wasn't available, but the vaguely textured brown-gray wallpaper was.

Whenever you spot the word "potential" in the broker babble, you know you're headed for trouble. The broker babble is right that the place has potential, but if you're spending $2.5 million on the house itself, how much are you willing to drop on helping realize this potential?

Though the listing makes no mention of how big it is, this townhouse clearly does not lack for square footage. Room for eight office suites means that there's probably room for multiple rental units, or at least for a gargantuan mansion. The inclusion of 4.5 baths is also promising, though one of them is tied up in an occupied one bedroom on the top floor. Also inaccessible is the mentioned but not pictured roof deck.

It seems that the leftover office furniture and vintage office supplies also come included in the price. Maybe you can finance the renovations with a yard sale. That cardboard cat in the bathroom has to be worth something.

House Vitals:
Size: 4 stories, 4.5 baths, eight office suites and a one bedroom apartment.
Amenities include: Vintage air conditioners, enough saggy brown furniture to set the mood in all the funeral parlor offices in the city, lots of interior window shutters, and an unpictured roof deck
Asking price: $2,500,000
· 1707 Rittenhouse Square [Trulia]