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Baltimore Ave. Megadevelopment Might Get More Mega

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4224 Baltimore, the highrise planned for the corner of Clark Park already has a by-rights permit to build a 92 unit building, but at last night's community meeting, they discussed the possibility of up to 178 units. The developers don't need to seek community input: if they wanted to build the 92 unit building they have a permit for, they could start tomorrow. However, they're working on alternative proposals, and while some of them include extra amenities, they also include many more units.

The proposals on offer both incorporate two towers. The heights of the two towers are variable: the taller tower would be between nine and eleven stories, and the smaller tower would be at least five stories tall.

Both proposals also offer sixty five underground parking spaces, (a huge improvement over the original six), and other perks, like a trash removal service and retail space (neighbors who attended the meeting stressed that they do not want a pharmacy in the retail spot). The proposal includes 8,000 sq ft of retail space, easily enough for a large restaurant or gym.

All these amenities sound great, but as the West Philly Local noted, they come with a catch: in order to finance them, the developers will need to add more units. One of the proposals includes 178 units, most of which would be one-bedrooms. The architects working on the two alternate proposals are also toying with the idea of having some condos mixed in with the apartments.
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