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City of Philadelphia to Crack Down on Rascally, Lawless Bikers

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And no, we don't mean motorcyclists. Apparently, the scourge of the Philadelphia roads these days is the flock of two wheeled steel pony pilots: they're biking upstream (known by those in the know as "salmoning"), running red lights, and causing general mayhem and commotion (okay, this is a small minority of cyclists). But don't worry, because the Philadelphia Police Department is stepping up their enforcement of bike traffic laws, at least until the end of June.

The Philadelphia Bike Coalition head-honcho noted that "Bicyclists are legal road users just like drivers and walkers", and stressed that road safety was a priority for the coalition. And bikers aren't the only targets of the crackdown: motorists and pedestrians should also watch out for the 12 additional traffic cops stationed throughout Center City through the end of June.

The City of Philadelphia is also looking to clean up bike clutter: between June 27th and July 11th the city will clear the streets and sidewalks of abandoned bikes and bike parts. All bikes and bike parts will be donated to Neighborhood Bike Works and Resources for Human Development. You can let the city know about abandoned bikes in your area by calling 311. If there's a bike that's been there so long a tree has grown around it, let Curbed know by hitting the tipline (
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