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Which of These $1750 Rentals is Most Worthy?

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Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, a dive into the options available for a certain price point in various neighborhoods. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out! Today's price: $1750/month.

? This Queen Village two bedroom features exposed brick, a cramped kitchen, and an overgrown backyard. It's on the first floor and the rent, which is $1700/month includes both heat and hot water. There's also access to your very own "semi-finished" private basement.

? In East Falls, this 1860 townhouse is up for grabs. Though the ad does not have any interior photos, which is a little suspicious, you can see the charming yard complete with fountain and patio. The two bedroom house is part of a larger estate, and according to the ad, was once rented by Mike Jerrick of "Good Day Philadelphia" as a "Philadelphia Getaway", so it's got that going for it too. Rent is $1800/month.

? This tiny, tiny two bedroom in Washington Square West offers a compact deck, a compact kitchen, and a compact everything else. The architects somehow managed to cram two bedrooms into 750 sq ft, and you can pay $1695/month for the privilege of learning all about strategic organization. The deck is cute, though, and there's a working fireplace too.

? Here's one of the new boxy townhomes in Fishtown. It's right on the cusp of Fishtown and Northern Liberties and it features a balcony overlooking Girard Avenue. No matter what your feelings about the boxy-chic style of architecture, the spaciousness of the kitchen and the rooms is a selling point. Rent is $1800/month.
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