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Want to Run a Bed and Breakfast? Megaquaint 18th Century Row Asks $988K

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The thing about bed and breakfasts is, you either love or hate them, and chances are, that'll be your reaction to this place too, which might be why this has been on the market for so long. It's certainly quaint, definitely historic, and probably pretty creaky. There are no cats in the listing photos, but you can supply your own to complete the B&B ambiance.

This house was built sometime around 1750, and has managed to stay standing in the almost three hundred years since then. The property actually looks to be composed of two townhomes, but both contain the tight corners and low ceilings characteristic of older buildings.

The furnishings are also exactly what you'd expect here: frills, quilts, and all the grandmotherly touches that make staying in bed and breakfasts either charming or creepy. The courtyard and roofdeck appear to be updated, as do the kitchens and bathrooms.

House Vitals:
Size: 7 bedrooms plus an innkeeper's suite, 7.5 baths, 3,000 sq ft lot.
Amenities include: Ceilings you will bump your head on, a courtyard, a roofdeck, balconies, surprisingly modern kitchens, and the accumulated dust of almost 300 years. Probably ghosts.
Asking Price: $988,000

· 416 Bainbridge St #18 [Trulia]