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The Great Bed Bug Plague of 2012

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Hotels Week spotlights some of the most luxurious, sleek, and eye-catching aspects of Philly's hotel scene, but there's also a place for the seedy underbelly of hotel mattresses. It's time to talk about the great bed bug plague of 2012.

The uproar took off when Terminix, an extermination company, named Philadelphia the nation's bed-buggiest city, upsetting New York, which had held the title for the previous two years. Though the Greater Philadelphia Association of Hotels protested the designation as unfair and inaccurate, the Philadelphia hotel industry has labored under the burden of the designation for a full year, and no new list has been released. The list is compiled by tracking Terminix service calls in each city, so while it's an unflattering indicator, it's far from statisticaly unimpeachable.

Numerous reviews on tripadvisor and Bed Bug Report do indicate that bed bugs are present in some Philadelphia hotels, some of the time. Though it's unlikely that there's a full blown citywide hotel infestation, bed bugs are a problem that the hotel industry has to contend with. The bugs aren't just confined to low-end hotels either: even the Sofitel. the Loews, and the Raddisson Plaza experienced a few buggy incidents, according to reviews.

Do you think Philadelphia hotels have a huge bed bug problem, or is the media hype the probelm? Sound off in the comments, or, if you prefer, let us know via the tipline.
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