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The Flipside: Demanding Hotel Reviewers

Though most bad hotel reviews reflect badly on the establishment they describe, some reflect badly on the reviewer. Here are some snippets that indicate the reviewer might have been at fault. The customer is always right...except in these cases.

Here's a guest who felt as if she were "in a Seinfeld episode" because she was not offered champagne OR chocolate covered strawberries upon her arrival. The horror!
She lists six disappointments:
1.) Once upon a time, not long ago, you were welcomed with champagne, chocolate covered strawberries & cookies served white glove butler style at check in. Sad to find out, that only happens on the weekends!
2.) We checked into our room, disappointment #2. It was quite amusing that the gentleman that checked us in acted as he gave us an upgrade, when, in fact, it was the room we booked. In all the previous times we had stayed at the hotel, we always received a nice sized room with a couch. This time, our room was much smaller with two lovely chairs, that you couldn't even sit & watch TV at. ... I made a call to the front desk asking if they were sold out & asking why we were given such a small room? We were upgraded to the suite next door, which we were thankful for.
But not THAT thankful, because here come the other four disappointments:
3.) While tea was lovely in the garden room, as always, what was NOT lovely was the hammering & use of a nail gun. Disappointment #3! Why in the world would the General Manager allow hammering occur during the hours if 2-5 while guests are trying to enjoy their tea? And, with apologizing for the inconvenience! I felt as if I were in a Seinfeld episode!
4.) Upon entering our new room, my husband received a note from the General Manager welcoming him with a bottle of Fiji water & a bag of trail mix. Did he not realize there were 2 guests? Perhaps the hotel could have spared 2 bottles of water? Or, apologized about the disturbing noise during tea?
5.) Why on earth does a hotel spa have limited hours, limited massage therapists, etc.? There were only 2 massage therapists the entire day, last massage at 4, not licensed in reflexology! I was willing to just even get a manicure, since other services were booked, last appointment of the day at 3:45! Why couldn't they be open until 6 or 7? Disappointment #5!
6.)As we left at check out, the staff was happily helping themselves to coffee that was set up for guests, no one around to assist at check out or to assist with luggage or open a door. Disappointment #6! So, Rittenhouse Hotel staff, take note: no coffee, especially not if you're happy about it, and make sure the spa is fully staffed round the clock. If a guest wants a midnight reflexology treatment, it's only right to make it available.