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Horrifying Things to Find in Your Hotel: Blood in the Lobby

During Hotels Week, we're committed to honoring the classy and exceptional establishments throughout the city, but we're also looking to shine a light on some of the darker corners of Philly hotels and warn travelers away. Here's your bad hotel reviews power hour.

In this first installment of horrifying things to find in your hotel, we haven't even gotten to the actual room. Blood in the Lobby is a pretty inauspicious way to start a hotel stay, but one particular hotel in Philly seems to have a particularly bad problem.

The third time we came back the downstairs was empty but the lobby was filled with blood splattered all over the walls!! Blood on the floor, walls and elevator doors. It seriously looked like someone was murdered. No one bothered to clean up the mess and it must have been there for a while because there was no crowd and the blood appeared to be completley[sic] dry.
This snippet from a review of the North American Motor Inn of Philadelphia reports blood that is completely dry, indicating that it had been there a while. And here's the confirmation:
...and I think someone was stabbed there during a fight on October 5th. There was dried blood all over the lobby in the morning, and down a stairwell.
This, by the way, comes from a totally different reviewer.