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Three Fixer-Uppers Worth The Hassle of Fixing Them Up

? Here's a property that has a lot of potential and space, but not much else. Sure, the gargoyle is nice, and who doesn't want an assortment of different pieces of masonry set into their exterior wall? However, the fact that there are no interior photos is telling.

The listing does mention 3000 sq ft, exposed beams, and 22 ft high ceilings, all of which sound attractive. Garage conversions can be incredibly beautiful: this one on the Nolibs/Kensington border is a great example. On the other hand, the other features mentioned by broker babble are a little less attractive: original interior brickwork (and this place was built in the 1800's, so expect to do some repairs there), "4 skylight openings" (it's probably safe to assume that openings means "holes" in this case,) and always the optimist, broker babble notes that this makes it an opportunity to " imagination and your architect!" Bring your checkbook too. Asking price is $815K, and it's clear that you'll need to put a significant investment into converting the place into a home.

? This house in Kensington might not even need that much work, depending upon how you feel about kitsch. Then again, those carpets and ceiling tiles absolutely need replacement, and is anyone this excited about floral wallpaper? Sidenote, check out the cookie jar collection housed on the cupboards in the kitchen and also in the basement. Seems like the lucky buyer of the house might also find those included in the asking price of $305K.

? This 1913 Victorian Row needs a ton of work, but the right buyer could take advantage of the glorious front facade. The front facade does look to be mostly intact, and the porch is in good repair. If the listing is to be believed, it's a big house with five bedrooms and three baths. However, the majority of the listing photos show the outside of the house, boarded up windows, and problems to be fixed. The two interior shots are discouraging, at best. Asking price also seems a little high at $110K.

· 108 Cuthbert Street [Trulia]
· 1411 E. Montogmery Street [Trulia]
· 1730 Montgomery Avenue [Trulia]