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Dying to Get in? Home Business Combo Package Asks $455K

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Many people dream of owning a home and a business, and this listing offers the chance for buyers to do just that. As broker babble explains, it's a "breath taking building." Appropriate, given that it's a funeral home.

The listing is actually a package deal of two properties: one is a residential home, situated right next to your very own funeral home. The picture of the viewing room does include a suspiciously casket shaped gray object in the background.

The funeral home itself boasts a vibrant red carpet with an attention-seeking pattern, an upstairs bedroom with an overwhelming floral print, and an antique wardrobe. Downstairs, in the basement, there is an all-seasons plastic Christmas tree, assorted debris (hopefully not associated with the business), and an office in the back that looks as though it was set up in the seventies.

Next door, the separate house is in a shambles: rotting wood, broken pipes, etcetera. The asking price is only $70,00, which seems appropriate.

Size: Two properties: a funeral home and a 2 bedroom, 1 bath home.
Amenities: Three car garage, floral wallpaper everywhere, two separate properties, a sign advertising the business, vivid carpeting, a basement full of odds and ends, and an in-funeral-home office.
Asking Price: Combined asking price is $455,000
· 2634 East Allegheny [Trulia]
· 3174 East Thompson [Trulia]