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Bargain Basement Price for Your Basic Basement Strip Club

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If you couldn't tell from the bright pink bricks adorning the front room, or the evocative sign attached to the outside corner of this establishment, or the lack of windows, the (rickety looking) stage and pole confirm that this is, in fact, a strip joint. And though broker babble remains hopeful that a restauranteur might snatch this property up, a windowless basement gastropub might be something of a hard sell for diners.

Broker babble notes that there are "private party" rooms, included as well. One of these is pictured: amenities include one large sink. The bar looks serviceable (if you like pink pleather upholstery, and who doesn't?), but the rest of the place could use some fixing up: tiles are out of place and the black paint is peeling off the walls.

Upstairs, there are four apartments, all of which look like they need very serious repairs. There are some nice bay windows, and one of the kitchens looks like it has a newish hardwood floor, but those are the bright spots. One also wonders how an investor would go about finding tenants to live over an nighttime establishment such as the one housed in the basement: even if it did become a trendy restaurant (broker babble does mention an unpictured commercial kitchen), finding tenants willing to live above any kind of late-night business would be a struggle.

Still, you can't beat the price.
House Vitals:
Size: Four apartments, one basement bar/restaurant.
Amenities Include: One not-so-sturdy stage and pole, a commercial kitchen, pink pleather upholstered bar, one room with a counter and a sink, an eye-catching corner sign, and intermittent pink bricks on the exterior.
Asking Price: $125,000
· 5600 Walnut Street [Trulia]