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East Passyunk Row With Banquet Hall Decor Asks $470K

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Here's an East Passyunk townhome with lots to offer: a giant kitchen with new appliances, a den with skylights and a super-high ceiling, and, of course, floral flourishes everywhere: on the carpet, in giant plastic bouquets, and all over the walls.

The odd thing about this decor is that it's bad, but not spectacularly bad: the gold velvet curtains make sense in the context of a forest green floral carpet and a vase of plastic flowers on the floor. The spaciousness takes this home into limbo between funeral parlor and banquet hall decor: it's dated, and a little tacky, but somehow not offensively so. The antique (or faux-antique) baby carriage in the living room is a little much, perhaps, but the plastic flowers in almost every room (even those rooms without other furnishing) blend in.

Even though the rest of the house is begging for a design overhaul, the kitchen is perfect as it is: broker babble mentions sub zero appliances, "plenty of cherry cabinets" and the two ovens. The stove top looks strange and small, but the kitchen is otherwise huge, spacious, and in need of no alterations.

House Vitals:
Size: 3 bedrooms, 1 full bath and 2 half baths, 3,150 sq ft
Amenities include: Plastic flowers everywhere, a super short tub in the full bathroom, two ovens, a trash compactor, a sweeping staircase, and an unpictured "semi-finished" basement.
Asking price: $469,900
· 2210 South Broad Street [Trulia]