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Here's What Constitutes Harassment, in Ori Feibush's Eyes

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A story in the Philly Daily News brings a letter that Feibush's lawyer sent to a Point Breeze Resident, Haley Dervinis, to light. The letter threatens Dervinis, who planned to speak at the Zoning Board hearing, "...any false statement that you make after being placed under oath will have severe consequences. This letter is your one and only warning before we file suit against you." Feibush claims that she has harassed him via his blog (Naked Philly) and elsewhere. Here are screengrabs of what we found in the Naked Philly comments from Haley Dervinis, whose commenter name is HD63.

It's certainly true that Ms. Dervinis has a long-standing vendetta: she's not just opposed to the Annin Street project, but rather, to all of Mr. Feibush's developments. Her concerns do seem somewhat petty. But harassment? Libel? Slander? She claims to have picked up Ori Feibush's trash, which sounds a little off, but otherwise, it doesn't seem like she's lying.

The first comments from HD63 are on an article about the lotgate debacle wherein Ori Feibush converted a trash-filled lot adjacent to his coffee shop into a public space with seating. The comments on the article take issue with Ori's approach, but aren't particularly slanderous:

The next appearance of HD63 as a commenter on Naked Philly is on an article about the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority's Point Breeze "land grab." The following exchange also includes Mr. Feibush stating that he has "invested every penny I've earned back into the community."

And finally, here's one vaguely angry comment on this Naked Philly post from HD63:

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