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Three West Philly Fixer-Uppers That Deserve Your Attention

This week's fixer-upper roundup brings gorgeous old rows, elaborate brick work, and crumbling interiors that only a contractor could love. Are these properties worth the money? The hassle? Sound off in the comments below!

? This house is listed for $55,000. It's a complete shell, and the photo of the back of the house shows just how much work needs to get done. However, the stone porch is sturdy looking, and the elaborate Flemish facade could really shine if restored appropriately. The location at 50th and Market isn't a sought after area now, but in five years, property values are likely to go up, as UPenn and Drexel march westward.

? Another Flemish house in Belmont has a location less poised for a property value surge, but it also costs less. For only $23,000, this house is a steal. It's not a complete wreck either: the peeling wallpaper begs for replacement, but the house looks mostly structurally sound.

? This last home is a Victorian row with a great exterior. Though the interior clearly needs a lot of work (the kitchens and bathrooms probably need total rennovation), there are some elements of "original character" that make this place worth the time and money.