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Second Recipient of Threatening Letter from Ori Feibush Comes Forward

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When the OCF Coffee House in Fairmount first opened up, a small struggle ensued: a local resident thought that the zoning code didn't permit food preparation on the premises, and opposed the coffee shop. Ori Feibush had his lawyer send out a letter to the coffee shop opponent's lawyer threatening to sue both the client and the lawyer.

Though the neighbor's complaints about OCF Coffeehouse were a little absurd, (he thought that preparation of food on the site was against the zoning code, even though OCF took over a spot vacated by another coffee shop) it's hard to understand the justification for suing him or his lawyer. Zoning battles are always full of bizarre and petty concerns, and Ori Feibush must know that by now.

And one wonders if this particular neighbor would have even objected to Mr. Feibush's coffee house had Mr. Feibush's reputation not preceded him. It certainly seems that the OCF oeuvre influenced Ms. Dervinis' opposition to the Annin Street project. Perhaps the threats of legal action are the kind of thing that force tactics like threats of legal action.

The Annin Street project, by the way, was not decided on at last night's zoning hearing, though opposition was strong. The board will make their decision by Tuesday.
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