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New Plans for Delaware Riverfront Megadevelopment: Now With Squatter Towers!

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Developers have revised plans for the 1,411 unit Renaissance Plaza project, in accordance with concerns about the height of the original proposals. The tallest tower will now reach only 240 feet into the sky, a significant change from the original proposed height of 480 feet.

Like other developers proposing enormous, area changing developments, Carl Marks has found itself subject to special scrutiny, but they say they're trying to work with, rather than against, the city's plan for the Central Delaware.

Some of the perks that will impact even non-residents of the towers include:
· Green space running through the five tower complex, which might draw people toward the riverfront
· Improvements running between the Spring Garden El stop and the development
· Preservation of the Belgian blocks adjacent to the site
· Large retail spaces, one big enough to accommodate "a grocery store like Trader Joe's"

The project will also include a green roof, and will apply for LEED Gold Status. The project will be built in five phases, but the developer is only committed to the first two (the other three would be tailored to demand.)
· New housing/retail plan floated for Delaware River waterfront