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Five Germantown Fixer-Uppers, All With Clawfooted Tubs

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This week's fixer-upper roundup brings stately charm, a clawfoot tub in every home, and crumbling interiors that only a contractor could love. Are these properties worth the money? The hassle? Sound off in the comments below!

Stately and huge, this 3,000 sq ft Victorian needs a lot of work and attention. Though the interiors entice with ornate fireplaces and a gorgeous studio with skylights, the peeling paint and rotting kitchen show significant wear and tear. This property's looking for $109,000.

This rowhome at 4904 Pulaski Avenue comes with an original carved fireplace, charming wood trim, a creepy basement and an "as-is" condition in its listing. It looks sturdy, if a little shabby, and the right buyer (and contractor) could easily bring out its charms and replace the kitchen appliances. The asking price is $58,000.

This is a smaller property, but it has a teensy asking price of $15,500 to match. Unfortunately, the home's condition matches the price. Still, original character abounds, and the painted panels in the living room certainly offer an intriguing conversation piece for guests.

For a seven bedroom behemoth, $77,500 isn't bad. However, the fact that the house is so large means that you'll spend tons of time and money on getting this place in shape. The potential here is obvious: bay windows, hardwood floors, tons of space and light are all present. On the other hand, grimy kitchen linoleum and walls that bear evidence of the years gone by are true markers of a money pit.

For the price of a house, you get an entire village of strange buildings. It's basically a manor estate, if you consider the shed covered in vines as a carriage house. The structure count on this property is at least three, but possibly more, due to ambiguous tarping in one of the pictures. The house covered in grey wood boards looks like it needs a lot of work, but it's certainly unique. The dearth of interior photos means you've got your work cut out for you, but if you want a lot of space and a few buildings, this might just be worth it for you.