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POLL: Which 'Disgusting' Goldtex Advertising Strategy Is Worse?

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The Bros Post, best known for their entrenched battle with the building trades unions and for their frat-boy ad copy are in a huff over illegal roadside signs put up by the unions (the signs are in the vein of bandit benches and signs covered previously on Blightwars). We have to ask: which is worse: Goldtex ads inviting viewers to polish their pearl, or illegal signs put up by the unions accusing Goldtex of driving down wages?

When asked about the signs, one of the Bros, Michael Pestronk (no, their last name is not actually Post) said "They're disgusting and they are illegal." They're certainly illegal, but disgusting? Probably less disgusting than the marketing strategy for the Goldtex building. Here's a selection of headlines from craigslist postings hawking Goldtex rentals:
""Call This Home! Girls Will Be Coming Back For Seconds. . ."
"WET DREAM? Make it Come True With This Brand New Swanky Loft Apt"
"Get set up in your new spot before all the College girls go home for t [Ed Note: tea? the summer?]"

So, which do you think is worse: junk signs put up by the unions, or totally legal frat boy ad copy?
Poll results

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