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Squatters Succeed in Buying PHA Property, Still Need $8000

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Last Tuesday, a house that a group of squatters called home for eight years hit the auction block in the PHA auction. In spite of a feverish bidding war, Jessica Myers, one of the squatters, was able to win and purchase her home. Now she just has to come up with $8000.

Although Myers set a limit of $7000 for her bidding, she exceeded it in order to buy the house. The total costs come to about $8000 on top of the $2500 she put down on the property, and it must be paid off within 60 days. In order to raise the remainder, she has once again set up an Indiegogo page.

The page offers donors a place to stay in Philly, t-shirts, pins, and patches as rewards for donating to the campaign. Myers also hopes to raise money on top of the $8000 in order to fix the place up. She hopes to someday start a nonprofit to help others in precarious living situations buy their own homes.
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