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Rittenhouse Mansion Last Sold for $645K Asks $4.3M

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Back in the year 2000, someone managed to snag a Rittenhouse townhome for less than a million, and now it's back on the market for more than four million dollars. Hand carved staircases and mantles, a skylight of epic proportions, and inlaid ceilings do look, as broker babble would have it, painstakingly restored.

The quantity and quality of preserved original details is impressive: even the library built-ins are original. A house like this might languish on the market: buyers looking to spend more than three million are rare, and Rittenhouse townhomes, while lavish and gorgeous, tend to also be fairly dark and hard to maintain. Still, this place is a near-perfect example of the opulent Rittenhouse of yore, and with 8,000 sq ft, it's certainly spaciousl

House Vitals:
Size: Five bedrooms, four baths, and a whopping eight thousand square feet.
Amenities: Staff quarters, nine fireplaces, hand carved everything, inlaid ceilings, stained glass, hardwood floors, original details, a two car, heated garage, a sauna, a roof deck and a skylight.
Asking Price: $4,290,000
· 2012 Spruce Street [Trulia]