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Philadelphia: City of Some Neighborhoods?

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Every now and then, a politician or someone in the tourism industry will refer to Philadelphia as a city of neighborhoods. Center City does only take up a tiny portion of the city's geogrpahic area, and there is life outside of the small circle of demi-skyscrapers. The recent attempts by the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation to publicize Philly's neighborhoods have extended the focus of the city slightly outside of Center City's bounds.

The neighborhoods spotlighted by the campaign are:
· Fairmount
· Spring Garden
· Callowhill
· Northern Liberties
· Fishtown
· Pennsport
· Queen Village
· Bella Vista
· East Passyunk
· Graduate Hospital
· University City
· Powelton Village
· Cedar Park
· Spruce Hill

It makes sense to send tourists to places easily accessible by transit, and all of those neighborhoods do include lots of things to eat, see, and do. However, there is life outside the immediate vicinity of Center City. It seems that places like the Northeast, Germantown, and Lower Moyamensing get left out of many "city-wide" programs and policies. Here, for instance, is a video featuring Councilwoman Marian Tasco on tackling challenges far away from City Hall:

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