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Spring Garden Mansion Built by Nuts & Bolts King Up for Grabs

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On the market for only $1.6 million is the home of former manufacturing magnate Barton Hoopes, Philadelphia's once-undisputed king of nuts and bolts (as if there would be a competitor). Hoopes sure didn't hold back on extravagance at his massive four-story Victorian mansion that remains in great shape at the northeast corner of 17th & Spring Garden Streets.

Built in 1878, Hoopes didn't skimp on the budget, adorning his palace with seahorse doorhandles, stained glass, marble sinks, and rich, rich mahogany. The property has been under the ownership of the Russian Brotherhood since 1922 and currently serves as office space in the main house and apartments in the three-story carriage house out back. This is a beautiful throwback to Philadelphia's golden age, and a listing that we just don't get to see very often.

Size: 7,567 sq ft, 12 bedrooms, 5 baths
Outdoor Space: Small walled-in courtyard
Perks: Three fireplaces, hardwood floors, loads of history
Price: $1,665,000
· 1733 Spring Garden St. [Redfin]
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